20 Healthy Tips That Are Actually Just Myths

From carrots that can improve your eyesight to drinking milk, here are 20 tips on health that are actually just myths.

1. Milk is very good for adults’ body

This type of advertising is very well entrenched in people’s minds. Department of Agriculture from the United States promoted that drinking four glasses of milk per day has enough calcium and vitamin D for adults. Countless studies have yet to find a link between milk consumption and the low number of broken bones.

2. Organic food without pesticides is healthier

Organic food is not necessarily without pesticides nor healthier.

Farmers who grow organic products may use chemicals derived from natural products and in some cases are more harmful to the environment than synthetic ones. The level of both pesticides in organic food and in the non-organic is low and it does not have a negative effect when eating. Eating organic food does not bring a higher nutrient intake than non-organic food.

3. It is ok to eat food that you dropped on the floor if you pick it up in less than five seconds

Five seconds rule is not real, the bacteria can contaminate food in milliseconds.
A series of tests have shown that soft foods attract bacteria faster than dry food, but there is no time for it to be considered ‘safe’.

4. Tryptophan chemical from turkey makes you sleepy

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the brain to relax, causing the sensation of sleepiness. Turkey is not the only one containing tryptophan; cheddar cheese has a much higher concentration of this amino acid. Experts say that carbohydrates, alcohol and heavy meals generally produce drowsiness.

5. Chocolate is guilty for acne

For months the researchers fed dozens of people with bars containing a 10 times higher concentration than normal chocolate bars and dozens of bars imitating the taste of chocolate. After counting the pimples on the faces of participants, the researchers saw no difference between those who ate chocolate bars and those who did not eat.

6. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Apples are full of vitamin C and fiber, both being important for long-term health of people, but apples are not the only thing the body needs. If the body will be attacked by a virus or bacterium, an apple will not solve the problem.

7. Natural sugar, like honey, is healthier than processed sugar

A cereal bar that has honey instead of fructose is better for health.
The sugar from natural products such as fruits or products is the same: “researchers would be surprised to hear about the superiority of honey since there is no consensus of the biological effects of fructose or honey, ” said Professor Alan Levinovitz.
The problem is that synthetic products such as candies contain a dose of sugar too high.

8. Coffee stops the growth

Most investigations have not found any correlation between caffeine intake and bone development of children. For adults, drinking coffee can slightly limit the absorption of calcium, but the impact is so small that a spoonful of milk could offset the effect of a cup of coffee.

9. Eating ice cream could make the cold worse

The idea that dairy products increase mucus production is true to some research. In fact, frozen dairy products can soothe an irritated throat’, said a team member.

10. Sugar is addictive just like heroin

In 2009, the book Fat Change sustained that sugar stimulates the brain just like tobacco, alcohol, cocaine or heroin, being addictive in the same manner. The book’s author claims that some studies proved that sugar stimulate the same brain parts that are stimulated when we drink alcohol or when we have sexual activity. According to these scientific studies, the problem is that X-rays did not prove exact signs of this addictive behavior. Researchers don’t know yet how the addictions is shown in the human brain.

11. Sugar and chocolate are aphrodisiacs

In the nineteenth century, before it was known that sugar can cause diabetes and hyperactivity, it was considered a sexual stimulant for women and children.

12. Sugar causes hyperactivity in children

In many studies, researchers tried to prove this claim. The myth begins in 1974, when Dr. William Crook wrote a letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which they later published it. “In the last three years I started to be aware that sugar causes hyperactivity,” he wrote in the letter.

A letter cannot banish numerous studies, according to the National Institute of National Health. “The idea that refined sugar causes ADHD is very popular, but most research discredited this assertion”.

13. The blood turns blue when there is no oxygen

It is said that blood changes the color dark red when no longer carry oxygen, but the reason the color is blue it is because the blood is covered by several layers of tissue that changes its color.

14. People have five senses

Sight, hearing, touching and tasting are just a few of the senses. Balance, temperature, time perception, proprioception, nociception are some of the most unknown senses.

15. The hymen is a layer that blocks the women’s vagina

Hymen is a thin membrane that partially blocks the vagina if the woman is born with it. Many activities, not just sex, can damage the hymen, including exercise or tampons.

16. Eating carrots makes you see better at night

Vitamin A is a nutrient found in carrots and is beneficial for eye health and it helps people who have visual impairments. But they will not be able to offer their night vision. The myth probably started during the British propaganda during the Second World War.

16. Pregnancy makes you think like a child

Some studies that examined women’s memory during pregnancy have shown that there is little effect on the brain while other studies have not shown any negative effect. There is evidence that pregnant women are getting smarter and more organized, according to a study on mice.

17. Hair and nails continue to grow after death

This is another myth, the skin actually tightens at death, giving the impression that the hair and nails continued to grow.

18. People cannot develop new brain cells

People are not born with all the cells they need. There is countless evidence that the brain continues to produce cells in some regions at adulthood and the process is called neurogenesis.

19. Ingested gum will digest in seven years

Most of gum composition is indigestible. If it is swallowed this will go through intestines and will come out the other side. The only time a chewing gum had created problems was when it was swallowed along with other indigestible objects. A four year old boy suffered a gastrointestinal blockage due to a gum balls with four coins in it.

20. The microwave oven can cause cancer

Microwave radiation does not cause cancer, but some types of radiation could cause a disease, depending on the dose. Solar radiation can cause cancer, but it also helps to create vitamin D.

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