Hawthorn Fruit Prevents A Heart Attack

Hawthorn fruit has been nicknamed “the fruit of the heart”, as it is one of the best natural medicines for cardiovascular diseases in the world. Its healing effect is comparable with that of synthetic drugs.

Hawthorn is a plant used since ancient times; the first mention of it appeared to Greek doctors. In the middle Ages, hawthorn was used both in medicine and in alchemy. Later in the nineteenth century the pharmacy have made the first hawthorn extracts, using the extract against heart rhythm disorders or against hypertension-prone.

Currently, properties are recognized mostly for treating heart disease, circulatory disorders or emotional.

Hawthorn fruit is consumed in the form of tea. In turn, Hawthorn syrup is an excellent remedy for the nervous system with a strong calming effect. Consumed as a syrup, hawthorn is excellent heart tonic.

Doctors have determined that hawthorn fruit extract is particularly beneficial for cardiac patients, but also for those who do heavy physical or intellectual intense.

To prevent stroke, the number one killer worldwide, there is a natural remedy that has a complex action such as hawthorn. A study by French doctors showed that over 65% of cardiac patients had a much better condition after intensive treatment with hawthorn and on the long term it decrease the incidence of stroke by more than 40%, including hypertensive persons, suffering from heart rhythm disorders or who have cholesterol and triglyceride values increased.

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