8 Beauty Benefits Of Yeast

If you want a glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails, yeast could become your new ally. Yeast is among the most ancient beauty secrets for women and has many therapeutic properties (strengthens the nervous system, increases the body’s resistance to infections and fatigue).

The proteins in yeast are found in some skin care products due to its moisturizing, emollient and healing properties.

1. It heals wounds: according to studies, this extract can fade scars.

2. It improves skin appearance: It takes action against acne, because the vitamins B2, B6 regulate the production of sebum. Applying a mask with yeast and honey helps soothe the skin.

3. Clean the skin: Yeast can be used as an ingredient for the preparation of cosmetic creams and masks. It helps repair tissues and oxygenate the skin cells. The skin becomes more hydrated and brighter.

4. It removes the freckles and sunspots. A mask of a teaspoon of yeast and hydrogen peroxide is helpful in case of such problems.

5. It softens wrinkles. This natural ingredient is helpful in the production of collagen and helps the skin to be more elastic. Yeast contains nucleic acid that have the ability to fight the first signs of aging.

6. It keeps hands youth. Mixed with moisturizing milk, this natural remedy is an excellent tratment for maintaining skin health and youthful hands.

7. It stops hair loss. It increases the production of keratin and helps to regenerate hair (vitamins B’s growth is indispensable!). Masks based on this restore scalp health and strengthen the hair root.

8. It gives hair’s vitality back – it is used in many moisturizing products because of its properties. It reduces the appearance of damaged proteins and electrified hair.

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