How Can You Get Rid Of Blackheads With Efficient Natural Remedies?

When you think about it, a lot of people want to get rid of blackheads, especially those who have problems with acne. Even if the pimples are less noticeable, it is, however, extremely unpleasant. Read this article to see what you can do to get rid of blackheads.

First of all, blackheads are very common and can sometimes occur for no apparent reason. But there are some things that can favor the formation of blackheads: hormones, smoking, excessive production of oil, cosmetics and skin care, poor nutrition and abuse of caffeine.

Let’s see some of the most efficient natural remedies to remove blackheads

It is advisable to give up all synthetic products from commerce to remove blackheads and try natural methods, which always give better results, effective and long-term.

Gentle and effective cleaning
Removing stubborn blackheads begins with a gentle cleaning. Here is a recipe for a honey lotion face clean:

1 tbsp. coconut oil
3 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
20 drops essential oil Melaleuca
2 capsules of probiotics

Mix all ingredients and mix with a hand blender.
Pour the solution obtained in a jar and store it in a cool place.
The lotion can be used once daily in the evening or, if necessary, after workouts. Avoid cleansing the skin more often than once in the morning, once in the evening and after workouts, because otherwise it can irritate and dehydrate the skin, favoring excessive production of oil and blackheads.

Regular exfoliation
Regular exfoliation of the skin is essential for removing blackheads because it removes the exfoliation of dead skin cells that can clog pores. Use a solution of exfoliated at least once or twice a week. Combine a teaspoon of baking soda with ½ cup water and rub the solution obtained on the face in circular motions, then rinse.

Masks with clay and charcoal
Applied weekly, a mask containing a quality clay (like bentonite) or coal can do wonders for the pores eliminating blackheads and leaving the skin smoother and less oily than before.

Steam baths
You should start with cleansing the skin. Then fill the bowl with hot water and let it cool a little, then bends over your head covered with a towel. Wait 5-10 minutes. The steam released by hot water helps to open up pores.
When no longer support the hot steam, clean the face with a cleaner and warm water and dry with a towel by dabbing lightly. Do not bend too close to the water to not scald the skin. Repeat steam bath once a week or whenever you feel the need.

Myself, I am happy with the results of these natural remedies. I can say that I am excited of how my face looks now, getting rid of those nasty blackheads. You should share these tips with your girlfriends, I am sure they are wondering what to do.

Image Credits: Beauty Hacks

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