Apple Cider Vinegar, An Effective Cure For Acne

Cleansers, creams, tonics and products with local administration contain many harsh chemicals on the skin that can have harmful side effects to health. Let’s see a natural ingredient that could be a very effective alternative.

In this article, I would like to propose to talk about apple cider vinegar. This is a completely natural ingredient that carries risks much lower compared to the harsh and harmful chemicals that are found in the most products skin.

Wondering how apple cider vinegar can help your skin?

Let’s see. The skin has a natural acid that protects it against germs and pollution that is exposed daily. Many cleaning products and skin acidity affect your skin, weakening its ability to protect against external forces. But acid in apple cider vinegar can help balance the natural acidity of the skin to provide protection to them. Moreover, the components of apple cider vinegar can help remove substances such as makeup and dirt from the skin, removes dead cells and bacteria. Basically, apple cider vinegar cleans and balances your skin in a natural way.

Now that we know how vinegar helps the skin, let’s see how to use apple cider vinegar for acne.

Vinegar apple cider successfully combats acne as a facial tonic. To make this tonic, mix vinegar with water so as to have two or three parts water to one of vinegar. When you are ready to use it, first clean the face with a gentle and natural product. Then apply the tonic on the face with floppy cotton, and leave it to act. After drying, you can use a moisturizing cream or another product choice.

Although apple cider vinegar is natural, the skin can have reactions. For this reason, you should start with a mixture in which to put more water than vinegar to track your skin reaction. Then you can add more vinegar.

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Image Credits: Bye Bye Acne

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