Avoid 6 Foods That Cause Acne

Acne is a skin disorder that involves multiple factors and can occur from various causes. The cause of acne in a person is not necessarily the same for others.

That said, like any modern disease, acne often returns based on lifestyle or diet. So, if you have already tried all the creams, lotions and all possible treatments from the market, but without effect, it might be time for you to be more careful with what you eat.

Here are six foods which are known as triggers for skin problems or acne.


Sugar is a leading cause of acne, both because it is inflammatory, and because it disturbs the hormonal balance. There is a link between sugar and androgens, male hormones, specifically testosterone – and their high levels can cause acne. If you want a clear skin, sugar is the first thing you have to give up!

Refined carbohydrates

If we’re on this subject, it would be better to give up refined carbohydrates such as flour, processed cereals, pasta and white rice. These foods have a high glycemic index which worsens the acne, while foods with a low glycemic index reduce it.
You might try to combine a high glycemic index fruit, like melon or bananas, protein or fat. For example, a handful of almonds.


Dairy products, like sugar, are associated with acne. This is because dairy products come from animals, which means they are full of hormones. Because acne is partly a hormonal disorder, the last thing you want is to multiply the number of hormones in the body.
Try to avoid dairy for a while, opting for alternatives like vegetables, almond, coconut, rice or hemp. If you notice a difference in the skin, then give up dairy for a longer term.


Many already know that wheat is very inflammatory, and it is causing internal and manifests itself on the skin as acne. Wheat products are often subject to processing excessive and have a high glycemic index, which, as mentioned above, can worsen the skin.


Soybeans contain phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen and disrupt natural hormones. Especially if you have rashes around the mouth and cheeks, you should eliminate soy in the diet. Soy is included in most processed foods, so it’s better to check the labels.


Peanuts contain a substance that mimics androgens in the body; therefore their consumption can worsen the problem. Try quitting peanut butter and other oil consumed raw, such as almonds, cashews or walnuts site, which influences the level of androgen.

All these mentioned foods might cause other problems, not just acne, so it’s better to give up on them.

What are other foods that should be forbidden for curing acne once and for all? Tell us your opinion in the comments below! Also, make sure to share it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest; surely you know someone who needs this information.

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