Get A Glowing And Healthy Skin With 3 Essential Oils

Have you ever thought how many of the ingredients listed on the label skin care creams are indeed natural, and if not natural, which is their source of origin? In this article, I want to talk about some essential oils that will help you acquire a glowing complexion in a natural way.

These oils are best for preventing skin aging and skin acquiring a smooth, healthy. Indicated for all skin types and with therapeutic properties for a variety of skin problems, you can choose the one that suits you best!

Rose oil

Used for thousands of years for skin and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rose oil is perfect for dry or mature skin. It can improve the appearance of skin in case of inflammatory problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Rose oil has antiseptic and astringent properties, as indicated especially in treating acne-prone skin.

Neroli oil

Great for oily, sensitive or mature oil, neroli (orange blossom) oil soothes wrinkles and skin tone. This oil contains citrate, a natural substance that regenerates cells and improves skin elasticity. With powerful healing properties, neroli oil prevents and soothes traces of stretch marks, scars, acne and broken capillaries. It is very good for soothing irritated and damaged skin, improving circulation and reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Oil of bergamot

Oil of bergamot fruit peel can heal many skin conditions from acne to blackheads, hyperpigmentation, and eczema. It is also antiseptic, which helps wound healing and skin regeneration. If you suffer from traces of acne, eczema, psoriasis or even pain caused by colds, this oil helps skin heal faster regulating distribution of natural skin pigment, melanin.

(Note: bergamot oil is phototoxic and should be used only at night because when it is used during the day it can cause sunburn.)

It is important to remember that essential oils are very strong. For skin care, it’s good to be diluted with a carrier oil (base). These include:

Coconut oil
Sesame oil
Grape seed oil (good for oily skin)
Sweet almond oil
Wheat germ oil
Sunflower oil
Avocado oil (good for dry skin)

A dilute solution of 2% is safe for adults. Thus, 12 drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil each.

What other natural healing oils for acne do you know? Tell us your opinion in the comments below! Also, make sure to share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest; surely you know someone who needs this information.

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