Natural Remedies For Dark Circles And Puffiness

Because dark circles and bags that appear for various reasons – heredity, water retention, allergies, toxins, hormones, etc., sometimes we do not seem so vibrant and alert as we would like. Well, this article is for you, to finally get rid of those uncomfortable dark circles and puffiness.

Try these natural solutions below and you will look and you’ll feel even better in a short amount of time.

Thus, here is what you have to do to prevent dark circles and puffiness:

• A healthy and well-balanced diet is the key, but with solid new information such as eating two kiwi fruits a day. This can benefit you because it can help eliminate puffiness.
• A lot of water. Drinking water helps to discharge toxins and reduce water retention. Try to reduce caffeine because it can swell the skin.
• Say goodbye to iodized salt. This is a simple tip with great results. Try limiting iodized salt for a week and you will notice the difference.

Now, let’s see some natural remedies for dark circles and bags under the eyes:

• Take a pair of goggles or swim glasses; fill it with water and leave them in the freezer. After it is ice cold, put them on your eyes for five minutes.
• Put in the freezer overnight a couple of tablespoons. In the morning, place them on your eyes until they’re not cold anymore. If you make an effort and repeat this every morning, you will see a big difference in about two weeks.
• Slice a small piece of potato and cut it in half. Put each piece under the eyes and leave them there for 20 minutes.
• Put two thin slices of lemon on dark circles or bags directly. Do not clench your eyes, but be careful to not open them. After twenty minutes, rinse thoroughly using cold water.
• Soak two cucumbers in lemon juice for 3-5 minutes. To get rid of dark circles and swelling, try putting cucumbers on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

That’s it. These are the natural remedies to get rid of dark circles and puffiness I have tried so far. I am feeling better because my appearances improved so, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.

What other natural healing remedies for dark circles and puffiness do you know? Tell us your opinion in the comments below! Also, make sure to share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest; surely you know someone who needs this information.

Image Credits: Cover your eyes with cold spoons.

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