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Ulcers: The Symptoms And Nutritional Recommendations

A very serious problem we all face is ulcers and its symptoms. Unfortunately, even if we market new medications that reduce acid production, they do not treat the cause and have side effects that may trigger additional problems. Thus, in this article, I will present some of the symptoms and …

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Apple Cider Vinegar, An Effective Cure For Acne

Cleansers, creams, tonics and products with local administration contain many harsh chemicals on the skin that can have harmful side effects to health. Let’s see a natural ingredient that could be a very effective alternative. In this article, I would like to propose to talk about apple cider vinegar. This …

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4 Ways To Combat Foot Fungus Naturally

I think we can all agree that foot fungus is not an attractive topic of conversation. Nor is it a condition that many admit openly that they struggle with. However, it is a real and common condition that can be painful and embarrassing. Thus, in this article we will address …

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