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Get A Glowing And Healthy Skin With 3 Essential Oils

Have you ever thought how many of the ingredients listed on the label skin care creams are indeed natural, and if not natural, which is their source of origin? In this article, I want to talk about some essential oils that will help you acquire a glowing complexion in a …

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Apple Cider Vinegar, An Effective Cure For Acne

Cleansers, creams, tonics and products with local administration contain many harsh chemicals on the skin that can have harmful side effects to health. Let’s see a natural ingredient that could be a very effective alternative. In this article, I would like to propose to talk about apple cider vinegar. This …

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Acne: Get Rid Of It With Natural Remedies!

Acne occurs when excess sebum (an oily substance produced by glands that grease and wet the skin) blocks the pores of the skin based on follicle hair, causing the appearance on the face, chest, shoulders and the back, of small eruptions filled with pus. Pustules, blackheads and white ones are …

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